Actually, I am a dire epicurean or bon vivant, but just depending on how you say it. I love well-prepared food in top restaurants, such a surprise menu from the chef. You can't make me happier! Together with my husband Bram, we regularly look for a nice restaurant or go to the market for fresh ingredients to conjure up a beautiful dish. With a good glass of wine, of course!

With friends, this is also one of my favourite activities, a good conversation while enjoying a snack and a drink. Fortunately, my hometown Leiden is perfect for that.

I also love my sons Pepijn and Stef (2010 and 2012) and our British shorthairs Bibi and Fred.

My favourite activities are boot camp, (sea) kayaking and gardening. I love dancing to a good 'live' band (wake me up for cover band 'Komen Lopen', Kensington or Chef's Special). Hiking is my favourite thing to do with my sister Saskia, my favourite country in the whole world is Scotland, I would love to have a second home there by a Loch (yes that very beautiful blue sea above is really in Scotland). I love the forests, but more so the beach, I can look out over the sea for hours and enjoy the changing views. It brings me peace and relaxation, in the Netherlands Terschelling is a favourite for this, I feel at home on this island and try to visit at least once a year.



What I do

Working with people is the common thread in my career. I have worked for over 26 years in various HR roles. As a coach (member of the NOBCO), I enjoy seeking depth in connection with you. I do this by asking questions, lovingly confronting you with behaviour and patterns and letting you take action, sometimes by giving you a 'kick in the butt' so that you dare to go!

In 2021, I completed a Post-HBO Integral Lifestyle & Vitality Coach/Trainer, Looking at You in Totality, Body & Mind in Balance. Last year, I added to that a course in Medical Basic Knowledge at HBO level and Orthomolecular Therapy (advanced). This brings everything together and makes my plan of action even more complete.


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What tools do I bring

I have learnt such wonderful things over the past few years, tools that I can grab from my backpack whenever I need them:


HBO Personnel & Labour

Post HBO Integrated Lifestyle & Vitality Coach

Post HBO Lifestyle & Vitality Trainer


Basic Medical Knowledge HBO

Orthomolecular advisor basic

Orthomolecular therapist advanced

Specialisations in the following areas: women's complaints with Ralph Moorman (The Hormone Factor), Hormones & Women's Complaints, Fatigue, Metabolic Syndrome (all with the Ortho Health Foundation)


Sports/pregnancy massage

Reiki I


Neurofeedback training

Disc analysis & drives

NLP Practitioner

Worked with Management Drives


My life motto: There are no perfect people in this world, only perfect intentions!

With all those best intentions and all my acquired knowledge & skills, I would love to help you take the steps needed for your wishes, desires, goals & vitality.

Love, Renate



ps. My practice is in Leiderdorp, near Leiden. If you feel a click, but you live further away, online coaching is always an option.

My life...

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