EMB Blood test

Measure = know, how is your health?

An EMB test gives more insight into your health with 1 simple finger prick!

The aim of this method is to gain insight into which possible nutritional deficiencies, intolerances, energetic disturbances and loads could be a cause of the complaints you are experiencing. But an EMB test can also be done very well as a health check, to see how you are doing, an MOT for your body as it were. This can provide tremendous insight if you want to get pregnant.

This holistic approach to a blood test can reveal energetic loads. It can give you a lot of information that I use to make a tailor-made advice.

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Why an EMB Blood Test?


Great right? Through a simple prick in your finger, you get more clarity about your health and/or complaints. Sometimes complaints have become so normal, they belong to you by now and you even forget to tell me about them during the intake (e.g. always being cold).

An EMB blood test shows everything and therefore gives me a complete picture in addition to the extensive intake we do.

I will give you the explanation of the test on paper with an accompanying (supplement) advice. This allows you to take big steps & deal more consciously with your diet, lifestyle and thus your overall health and quickly feel fine and complaint-free again.

The blood test consists of 2 appointments. The first appointment is a comprehensive intake and then I take blood. I send this to the laboratory. After about 3 weeks, I receive the results and the second appointment follows with the results. During this appointment, I give you appropriate advice.

What is measured with the EMB Blood Test?


Do you want to know where your symptoms are coming from or what's not quite right in your body?

You gain insight into vitamin deficiencies, mineral deficiencies, energy disruptions, how your gut is doing and which foods you are intolerant to, among other things.


The regular values measured are:

Platelets (thrombocytes)
Red blood cells (erythrocytes)
White blood cells (leukocytes)
Haemoglobin (Hb)
Haematocrit (Ht)
Mean Corpuscular Volume (MCV)
Mean Corpuscular Hemoglobin Concentration (MCHC)

The energetic disturbances that can be measured:

Liver, thyroid and gallbladder load
Intestinal and oral flora disturbance
Adrenal status (stress, adrenal glands, prolonged stress response, cortisol, etc.)
Parasite and fungal load
Fatty acid balance (omega 3 and 6)
pH balance (acidity of your body)
Vitamin B12 status (is your vitamin b12 really being absorbed into the cell?)
Hormones panel (oestrogen, progesterone, insulin, testosterone, etc.)
Vitamins panel (vitamin D, C, folic acid, etc.)
Minerals panel (magnesium, zinc, iodine, etc.)
Toxic stress (waste products in your body)
Electro-stress (wifi, 5G, transmission towers)
Viral load (remnants of an experienced virus still causing fatigue, for example)
Pancreatic insufficiency (Insulin resistance)
Bacterial load such as Borellia bacteria (Lyme load)

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A lot of information comes from the EMB blood test. Of course, you already get extensive advice and 2 consultations when booking. Sometimes it's nice to continue with a few more sessions after this process to achieve even better results and make complaints disappear permanently. I discuss this in the 2nd consultation, of course.


ps. Until after August, this blood test can be booked via www.dehormonalevrouw.nl/emb/.