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My many years of HR experience make me a solid sparring partner when it comes to work-related issues.

A demanding employer, mismatched expectations, too many tasks on your plate, always being 'on', not knowing whether you are still in the right place, team issues, work-life-balance, standing up for yourself in a constructive way, stress, emotional or hormonal complaints, difficulty functioning, concentration problems and pressure.

All of the above can occur and can cause things to go awry. They both bother you and make you wonder where the 'crux' lies. You would actually like to spar with an 'impartial' third party about what is going on.

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Going through a period like a period of doubt, imbalance and stress is no bad thing at all. From prehistoric times, stress is a functional response of your body, it literally provided over-survival. It keeps you on your toes and it makes you take action.

However, if you're performing at the top of your game for an extended period of time, things aren't going well, you're in pain, worried about something or really scared, a little bit of stress can become chronic. You may drop out, which is not a nice situation for you or your employer.

You don't want that, so prevention is better than cure. I am not a career advisor, I am a sparring partner. After more than 26 years in the business world (check my LinkedIn), having coached/advised many men and women, I know how things work within organisations, what the possibilities and impossibilities are.

you have to do it yourself, but not alone

Then now is the time for action! With my work, life experience and training, I am able to work with you to get to the heart of your problem, find a solution or (lovingly) confront you with something you may already know, but don't want to hear yet!

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Find a relaxed, energetic, happy employee in yourself!

My hourly rate for a single conversation is €95. If you want a longer sparring session, I will make a customised offer.

Sometimes an employer is willing to pay, I have experienced this regularly as an HR adviser. An employer would rather keep you in the workforce than see you drop out. Explore the possibilities, make it clear that you are not doing well. I would be happy to make an offer for your employer.