Vegan Flex Cure - 10 days

Improve your metabolism, reset your body & mind

The Vegan Flex programme will ensure that you experience more energy, lose up to 4 kilos and feel stronger in body and mind within a short time!

In 10 days you first reduce your intake of animal proteins, followed by 4 vegan days, after which you slowly increase your intake of animal proteins again in 2 days. This is how you detoxify your body naturally.

You will take supplements developed especially for this detox. Exercise during the detox ensures you achieve even better results.


The Vegan Flex programme helps your body detoxify, in addition to supporting your body's hormonal balance. You will also find that you will more easily make and maintain healthier choices.

By continuing to eat vegan 2 days a week after the 10-day programme, you will feel more energetic, more comfortable in your skin and more resistant to diseases of civilisation.

Vegan Flex is short, practical (you get a 10-day menu written out in full) and easy to stick to! You lose weight, detoxify your body and switch from burning sugar to fat. After a few days of eating completely vegan, your body will switch to a healthier metabolism pattern. As a result, you'll feel chunkier, more energetic, you'll go, glowing, your skin will improve and you'll feel great!


What results do you achieve with Vegan Flex

  • Up to 4 kg weight loss
  • Decrease in size in cm
  • More energy
  • Cravings decrease
  • Better hormonal balance
  • Short & sweet
  • Better skin, radiance & balance

You can follow the Vegan Flex method a few times a year to maintain the results.


What is included during these 10 days

  • Intake & vitality scan (1 hour)
  • Discuss treatment plan
  • Vegan Flex Cure (including menu & supplements)

If you prefer to order the cure separately, without guidance, you can do so via the shop.

  • Mid-term measurement (about day 5)
  • Guidance via WhatsApp & email
  • Final measurement & evaluation