Vitality coaching - group course

For women who want to go into the new year fit, positive and slim!

  • More energy?
  • Less tired & lifeless?
  • Look radiant again?
  • No more worrying & sleeping better?
  • Improved fitness?
  • Want to get rid of your rushed, stressed-out feeling?
  • Be able to work/perform more focused?
  • A stronger and tighter body?
  • Your hormones in balance?
  • Confident and powerful through life?
vrouw strand

You can!

In November, I will start a new group programme. As a vitality coach, I will guide you and provide comprehensive information on: Nutrition & exercise, sleep, hormones, binge eating, relaxation, stress, emotions, meaning, mindset & career. It's all covered.

Even finer is that you do have to work on your own, but really not alone!

Most women recognise themselves in the following:

  • You have a lot of balls to keep in the air;
  • You work hard;
  • You want to be a fun fit mother to your children;
  • You want to keep energy for something social with your girlfriends;
  • You want to give your partner physical and emotional attention and not just be the children's father;
  • Sometimes you don't know how to get everything done for crazy reasons.

Sometimes you get all kinds of annoying complaints with this too, Worthless right? You can do something about this!

Want to be energetic, slim and happy at the Christmas table? Then now is the time for action! Together with up to 7 other women, you will work to encourage and keep each other on your toes when it comes to eating healthier, taking better care of yourself, having fun and de-stressing.

How does it work? Vitality coaching in a group

Following a vitality programme in a group is stimulating, powerful and motivating. You do have to take action yourself, but you don't have to do it alone!

Intake by telephone

Before the programme starts, we will first meet individually by telephone. I will then tell you in detail how I work and what I expect from you as a participant.

Intake and Vitality & nutritional analysis

If you are enthusiastic and have booked a place in the group, I will call you to make 2 appointments. The first for a personal intake (1.5 hours), the second to discuss your completed Vitality & Nutrition Analysis (1.5 hours) and to do a baseline measurement.

These talks take place at my practice in Leiderdorp. During these talks, we go into your wishes and goals. Based on this, I make your personal lifestyle advice and we also determine together how we can work on your personal goals in the group. This lifestyle and nutrition advice is tailor-made especially for you and is different for everyone in the group.


What do the group meetings look like?

  • Walk-in and measurement (I do not share this with the other participants);
  • Answering your questions and those of others;
  • Time to exchange experiences over tea or coffee with a healthy, home-made snack;
  • Master classes on a particular topic in the field of lifestyle & vitality (you may attend these, is not mandatory);
  • Masterclass topics may include: nutrition & hydration, sleep, stress, relaxation, addictions, insulin resistance, binge eating, hormones;
  • Duration: 1.5 - 2 hours;
  • EXTRA: Should you feel the need for a separate coach session during or after the programme, the rate is only €65 per hour (this also applies to sessions after this group programme).


What are the costs:
The cost for this group course is €375 incl. VAT for individuals (payment in 2 instalments possible).


When does a group start?

Start group November 2022, Tuesday evenings 7-9pm, dates:

8 November, 15 November, 22 November, 29 November, 6 December and 13 December


NB: the group starts with a minimum of 4 participants, if there are not enough participants, I will make you an appropriate proposal for an individual course or you will get your money back.