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Prevent sick leave & save thousands of euros a year

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What would make you choose my integrated sustainable approach?


- A personal customized approach for your employees;

- An in-house coach on a frequent basis who becomes a familiar face for your employees;

- With my background in the HR field, I know the interests of both the organization and the entanglement with the wishes of your employee;

- Preventive approach to absenteeism prevents long-term absence and always pays for itself;

- You realize that your employees are your biggest gold and by investing in your gold, you are investing in a healthy and vital company;

Preventive investment in vitality = reduction in absentee costs

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As an employer, you do everything possible to create a pleasant working environment. Yet there are employees who, due to various circumstances, do not feel good about themselves and threaten to drop out with physical complaints or complaints related to stress or burn-out.

The newspapers are full of it lately, more and more young people between 18 and 34 are struggling with the consequences of too much (work) pressure which manifests itself in physical and mental complaints.  https://nos.nl/artikel/2489307-aantal-jonge-werkenden-met-burn-outklachten-neemt-toe-vooral-vrouwen In early September 2023, among other things, this article; however, it is not the first I read about it.


If one of your employees has been advised by the company doctor to take a rest and sits at home for a time to recover, this has consequences for your organization and the immediate colleagues who have to take over the work, putting (sometimes even more) pressure on them. The Gatekeeper Improvement Act requires that employer and employee make a concerted effort to get the affected employee back to work as soon as possible. An employee who drops out will quickly cost you as an employer more than €275 per day. The sooner your employee is recovered, the lower the cost of absence.


By focusing on the well-being and vitality of your employees preventively instead of reactively, you can save many euros. In this way, you can employ more relaxed, happier & more loyal people. Don't wait, but act in advance.


Are vitality and sustainably employable employees also your priority? The answer is definitely YES. I would love to get in touch with you to discuss what I can do for your organization.

Getting to know your organization

Telephone or Zoom contact

In conversation with you, I get to know the organisation, what is going on that makes you contact me, what are the wishes of you and the employees. I discuss what resources we can deploy for a healthier organisation with happier, more relaxed employees.

This could be by giving a workshop on a particular health topic, a long-term programme with one or more employees, a vitality week/day or perhaps you would like me to be present at your premises for one or more half-days a month, my so-called 'vitality consultation hour'.

Together with you, we look at what is desirable and I make an offer on this basis.

For more information, please e-mail: info@peoplesupportbyrenate.nl